Prosecuting Anti-Kickback Statute Violations

Do you know of doctors receiving hidden benefits for prescribing drugs or recommending services? Please report it.

The federal Anti-Kickback Statute requires physicians to make medical decisions and prescribe medications without consideration of their own financial interests. Most importantly, this law prohibits pharmaceutical companies and other entities from offering financial incentives to doctors for prescribing a specific drug or encouraging the use of a particular medical device. All too often, though, under-the-table agreements between doctors, health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and other health care entities exist. This can lead to medically unnecessary treatment, improper medical recommendations and even criminal violations of the law.

When these violations implicate federal funding, often in the form of Medicare or Medicaid paying for the treatment or prescriptions, it creates a situation where whistleblowers can file a claim and shed light on the misconduct. Those who pursue these claims — also known as qui tam cases — can receive a portion of the funds recovered by the government in any successful action.

A Strong Advocate Protecting Your Interests At All Times

At John A. Klassen, PA, we use our extensive trial experience to provide whistleblowers with the insightful representation and knowledgeable counsel they deserve. Since 1996, we have helped individuals in Minneapolis and throughout the state stand up and report misconduct that would otherwise go unnoticed and unpunished. Firm founder John Klassen has been included in Minnesota Super Lawyers every year since 2003, and has successfully handled some of the most complex types of state and federal whistleblower cases.

Do Not Be Afraid To Speak Up

We understand that it can be difficult to report Anti-Kickback Statute violations, especially if the violator is your employer. If you are concerned about your job or the repercussions of reporting misconduct, know that you have nothing to fear. Federal and state laws protect whistleblowers from retaliation, including harassment and termination. Should your employer violate those laws, we are equipped to represent you in an employment law action in which you can seek compensation due to the illegal retaliatory conduct of your employer.

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