Advocating Against Drug Use Labeling And Marketing Fraud

If the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a prescription drug for one purpose, but a doctor prescribes it for other, non-approved uses, this is a violation of federal regulations referred to as “off label” drug usage. Marketing fraud, which is closely related, occurs when a drug is advertised as having a usage other than that approved by the FDA. Typically, off label usage and marketing fraud situations arise when a health care system has a clandestine agreement with a pharmaceutical company regarding the improper use of the drug, such as agreeing to market and use an anti-depressant as a weight loss medication.

When off label drug use or marketing occurs, it can give rise to a qui tam/whistleblower claim. These claims allow individuals to report misdeeds to the government, and then pursue a civil action that holds offenders accountable for their actions.

Comprehensive Whistleblower Representation In Off Label Drug Claims

At John A. Klassen, PA, we represent clients who report off label drug use and other medical fraud matters in Minneapolis and across Minnesota. During his 20 years as a lawyer, John Klassen has stood up to major corporations and large municipal entities to combat fraud and fight for the interests of our clients. John has been selected for inclusion in Minnesota Super Lawyers every year since 2003, and has received many other awards and accolades due to his unyielding commitment to those he represents.

As a proven trial team, we have the courtroom experience and long history of success that you need on your side when reporting improper conduct and pursuing a whistleblower claim. We recognize that it can be daunting to take such action, so we provide you with the encouragement, trusted advice and direct attention that you need to stand up for what is right.

If you know of physician or health care provider misconduct that involved off label drug use and marketing fraud, we can help you file a claim and receive part of the funds recovered in a successful qui tam action.

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