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Pregnancy discrimination is still an issue in the workplace

It is not uncommon for female employees in Minnesota and other states in the nation to become pregnant at some point during their careers. Although employee pregnancy frequently occurs, some pregnant woman still experience mistreatment due to their pregnancy. In addition, some pregnant women might be pressured to return to work right away, causing them to not fully exercise their maternity rights. Pregnant women who experience a hostile work environment or are mistreated due to their pregnancy should understand their rights and options in the situation.

How does the Pregnancy Discrimination Act protect employees?

It is not uncommon for women in the work force in Minnesota and other states across the nation to get pregnant. Whether they are seeking employment or are currently employed, pregnant women should understand their rights and how the Pregnancy Discrimination Act forbids discrimination based on their pregnancy and health conditions related to their pregnancy. If a pregnant woman believes that she has been mistreated or discriminated against due to her pregnancy, she should understand that she has options regarding this violation of her civil rights.

Minnesota case law cited in pregnancy discrimination case

The issue of pregnancy discrimination has arisen in various workplaces across the nation. In a recent case, the Florida Supreme Court relied on Minnesota case law to establish that pregnancy discrimination is a form of gender discrimination under Florida's Civil Rights Act. Even though federal laws have made it explicit that pregnant women are protected, some states have failed to enact specific laws that include pregnancy.

Expectant moms experiencing employment discrimination

The fact that a woman has children, is pregnant or is planning on having a family in the future could hold them back in the workforce. This treatment is not only unfair but is considered employment discrimination. This could also create a hostile work environment, especially if the woman is experiencing wage discrimination or not receiving a well-deserved promotion.

Woman claims pregnancy discrimination led to her baby's death

Under Minnesota and federal laws, when an employee becomes pregnant, her employer generally must make reasonable accommodations to her work duties to allow her to keep working as long as she wants to during the pregnancy. Reasonable accommodations could include getting her a chair, reassigning her to a different department or otherwise modifying her duties. The general idea is that a woman shouldn't be forced to choose between keeping her job and keeping her baby.

Report: Employment discrimination against pregnant workers common

Minnesota workers are protected by state and federal laws against discrimination at work when they get pregnant. Nonetheless, a new national study finds that American employers are routinely discriminating against workers who become pregnant, refusing to accommodate their requests for reasonable accommodations, forcing them to take unpaid leave before they are ready, or just outright firing them.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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