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Knowing when to blow the whistle and invoke whistleblower rights

Being a whistleblower at a place of employment is not an easy position to be in for employees in Minnesota and elsewhere. Even though an employee is taking a step to ensure a business or employer is in compliance with the law, ensuring the health and safety of employees and the legalities of the business, being a whistleblower is not often considered to be positive. In fact, many employees fear taking the step to blow the whistle on an employer out of fear that an employer might retaliate against them for their actions.

Time extended for whistleblower rights violations

Employees in Minnesota might encounter situations in the workplace that they are uncomfortable with or cause them to question the legality of the actions carried out by their employer. If an employee believes that their employer is violating some law in the workplace, employees are afforded the right to file a claim against their employer. However, some employees fear that they might be wrong or the aftermath of filing a complaint could result in employer retaliation. Due to these scenarios, whistleblower rights have been implemented to protect individuals who blow the whistle on their employers. Moreover, laws have been passed to address the concerns to initiate the original complaint.

What rights do employees have against retaliation in fraud cases?

As a previous post for this blog highlighted, employees have rights against retaliation when they are a whistleblower in Minnesota and other states in the nation. Whistleblower rights exist in order to protect an employee when and if they make a claim that their employer is violating a state or federal law. This could happen in various types of work environments and violations could come in different forms, which is why there are several whistleblower protection laws.

Whistleblower protection and asserting rights against retaliation

When an employee witnesses a violation of law in the workplace, it is often considered heroic that they step up and speak out about their employer's violation. Even though employees mean well and are doing the right thing when they whistle blow, they could face unexpected and wrongful hardships and damages as a result. Our law firm understands that whistleblowers in Minnesota frequently endure employer retaliation after they blow the whistle, leading to such damages as lost wages, emotional distress and other damages.

Proving employer retaliation after filing a whistleblower claim

Many employees in Minnesota are aware of whistleblower rights and the protection the regulations offer to employees. In most cases, these protective rights are used to prevent employer retaliation after an employee speaks out or files a claim regarding illegal practices and conduct within the workplace. Even though whistleblower rights protect the employee from being retaliated against or terminated for filing a claim, their employer could still retaliate. This is why it is important to understand how to address the situation, document the misconduct and prove that they are dealing with a hostile environment based on their protected conduct.

Verdict of a Minnesota whistleblower claim upheld

Losing a job is very concerning for any employee in Minnesota. This is especially detrimental for those that lose their job in retaliation for their speaking out about illegal practices in the workplace. In these matters, employees should understand that they may have rights under whistleblower protection. Whistleblower rights provide employees with the opportunity to file a cause of action for the damages they suffered for speaking out about illegal practices by their employer.

Rights provided to workers by whistleblower protection act

While employees in Minnesota and in states across the nation may not notice any changes in the work environment day in and day out, when certain events occur, employees should be aware of their rights and what actions they could take. Whether it is health and safety issues, a work related injury, a violation of a state or federal statute or discrimination in the workplace, employees should understand their rights as provided by whistleblower protection.

What rights does the whistleblower protection act provide?

For the most part, employees in Minnesota are able to get through the work day and the work year without any major negative events occurring in the workplace. But when a violation occurs in the work environment and an employee is aware of it, he or she should feel comfortable in reporting the incident. Furthermore, if one does speak out about the violation one experienced the employer sometimes retaliates. Some employees question whether they have any recourse in this situation.

Understanding employee rights when whistleblowing

When an employee notices or experiences their employer violating state or federal laws, the employee could speak out and report these violations. While it is important to report these instances, our firm understands that not all employees will speak out about the injustices they experience. Because an employee might fear losing their job or employer retaliation, whistleblower rights have been established. Employees in Minnesota should feel comfortable reporting these instances and taking legal action to protect their rights and the rights of others.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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