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Taking action against sexual harassment in the workplace

While the workplace is often considered a safe and friendly environment for most employees in Minnesota, that is not always the case. Unwanted sexual advances or other forms of sexual harassment can happen at almost any kind of workplace. These experiences can be uncomfortable, damaging and quite possibly illegal. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to talk about them or to take action against them.

What is sexual harassment and what can employees do?

When an employee feels uncomfortable in the workplace, it is important that they understand how to address the situation. Whether they work in Minnesota or elsewhere in the nation, employees should not be subjected to offensive conduct or unwanted sexual advances in the work environment. These actions constitute sexual harassment, and whether carried out by an employer or a co-worker, there are employee rights that protect a worker when faced with these uncomfortable and wrong situations.

Understanding the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace

Various issues could present themselves in the work environment. When employees in Minnesota struggle with certain actions by their co-workers or superiors, this could lead to a hostile work environment. When unwanted sexual advances are made, this could be an incident of sexual harassment and the worker does have options to get out of the situation. For some employees, these occurrences are not easily noticed, which leads to little to no action taken. It is important to be fully aware of the actions of others in the work place and to speak up about any concerns.

Woman seeks to appeal sexual harassment claim dismissal

Although residents might change career paths a few times in their life, having a good secure job that they feel comfortable at is important to Minnesota workers. When an employee no longer feels comfortable or safe in the work environment, this usually presents issues that could turn into major problems. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, no matter their age, gender or sexual orientation, employees should understand how to correct this situation.

Sex discrimination and sexual harassment in firefighting

Many lines of work in Minnesota are historically dominated by men and have only in recent years come to grips with the problem of sex discrimination. Unfortunately, as these jobs have slowly opened up to female workers, these pioneering women employees have often faced another problem related to discrimination, sexual harassment.

New focus on sexual harassment in U.S. military

Minnesota residents may have heard about the increased attention given recently to the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the nation's military. The issue took center stage recently when four former members of the military testified before Congress, telling their stories of being sexually harassed, molested or raped by other service members during their time serving the country.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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