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Wrongfully terminated? An attorney can help you

You only had your job for three years and you were still a relatively new staff member in a small accounting firm compared to the rest of your colleagues that had been there for 10 years or more. Everything had been going well. You got on well with your co-workers and your boss, and you enjoyed your work. Things started to change six months ago when a new manager (a friend of the owner) was hired.

Appeal rights for dismissed employment discrimination claims

When employees in Minnesota and elsewhere in the nation believe that workplace discrimination is occurring concerning them or other employees, filing a claim is often the next step. While this step could lead to an employer facing a civil claim for their actions and damages for those suffering employment discrimination, this does not always occur. In these matters, it is important that those involved in a claim understand their rights, federal and state regulations and the necessary information required for a claim. In some cases, even if a case is dismissed or denied, it could be appealed and overturned.

Former Hertz employees in Minneapolis file discrimination suit

Employees in the United States are afforded many rights in the workplace. When an employee is unlawfully terminated or endures workplace discrimination, they have options to find a legal remedy. Employees who are mistreated in the work environment or witness illegal actions in the workplace are afforded the right to take action, which could include filing an employment discrimination claim regarding the situation and seeking damages for the harm they incurred. One such legal claim was made in Minnesota, and others should take note.

How do you file a Minnesota employment discrimination claim?

In most cases, Minnesota employees understand that a certain rapport should exist in the workplace. But, if an employee in Minnesota or other states across the nation experience unequal or unfair treatment, they may want to consider taking steps to correct it. In matters involving workplace discrimination, employees should be aware of their rights and their ability to file a cause of action. Although the civil rights of employees are often understood, some question how they go about filing a claim for employment discrimination.

EEOC files nationwide suit against FedEx for discrimination

For those in Minnesota suffering from a disability, most do not allow their disability to prevent them from doing certain things, such as tasks at a job. Furthermore, it is their right that their disability not be used against them in the hiring or firing process at a place of employment. When employment discrimination occurs because of an individual's disability, they might have a cause of action for the damages suffered by this event.

Ex-director files discrimination charges against Northfield COC

Employees in Minnesota understand that bad workweeks happen, and some might even make career changes due to the work environment not being a proper fit. Despite this, employees should not quit or be terminated for improper reasons. A wrongful termination could be based on employment discrimination. When an employer bases their hiring and firing decisions on the specific characteristics of the employee, this could be ground for a civil action.

Increase in work visas blamed for wrongful terminations

An employee in Minnesota often seeks to keep their job until they retire, change career paths or pursue further education. A worker does not expect to be terminated without a good reason. If a situation such as workplace discrimination occurs, workers are not often aware of their options in the situation let alone that they may be in an employment discrimination circumstance.

Minnesota Governor passes law should reduce gender pay gap

Equality in the workplace an important goal and states across the nation implement laws in order to achieve this initiative. Even though legislation has been passed, employees in Minnesota and across the nation still experience employment discrimination. This often leads to a hostile work environment and could create grounds for civil rights claims. If an employee is treated differently because of their gender, they might have a cause of action for the damages they experience.

Senate seeks to pass legislation to protect LGBT employees

When a resident in Minnesota accepts a job, they are often prepared for rules and regulations at their workplace that are set in place to ensure a safe, positive and productive work environment. Although employers should want all employees to feel comfortable at their job, workplace discrimination is still a serious issue that affects many of our nation's workers. Furthermore, employment discrimination seriously hinders the ability of some qualified individuals to obtain a position with an employer. This can happen in many contexts, including when employment decisions are made based on a person's sexual orientation.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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