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Taking action against sexual harassment in the workplace

Minnesota workplaces are becoming more diverse these days than ever before. Long gone are the days where only men could be supervisors and only women could be administrative assistants. In addition, these days people of different sexual orientations work together side by side. However, this diversity doesn't mean that workers aren't subject to sexual harassment. In fact, it is just the opposite. Sexual harassment is still a serious issue in Minnesota workplaces.

Sexual harassment and employer liability

People in Minnesota go to work and expect to be treated fairly. However, this is not always the case. Many people face adverse conditions at work that can amount to an illegal hostile working environment. Sexual harassment, in particular, can be devastating to employees. In the right circumstances, sexual harassment can be degrading, humiliating and offensive.

Quid pro quo and sexual harassment

Individuals in Minnesota may believe that if they work hard at their jobs, that they can see rewards. They may believe that they could get a raise or a promotion by their own efforts. However, sometimes more sinister forces are at work when individuals are promoted in the workplace. There are cases where employees are offered incentives for participating in illegal conduct in the workplace.

Two male employees sue popular restaurant for harassment

Some Minnesota residents may have certain misconceptions about the law. Individuals often hear of legal issues by reading the news or watching television shows or movies, but these sources may not relay the complete story when it comes to how the law actually works in certain situations.

Four myths about sexual harassment in Minnesota

Nearly every employee has heard the term "sexual harassment," but not everyone understands exactly what it means. In spite of efforts by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and various Minnesota organizations, myths abound in this area of law.

Athletic director of UMN accused of sexual harassment

As previous posts discussed, sexual harassment in the workplace can be a very uncomfortable situation for employees, and it is often a difficult incident to discuss or report. However, these are incidents that should be reported and addressed. When employees believe that they are a victim of sexual harassment in the work environment, it is important that the employees understand that they have options and recourses available to them.

Sexual harassment investigation following a claim by an employee

When employees in Minnesota and elsewhere believe that they are victims of sexual harassment, it is often difficult to speak up or file a report or claim. It is often an uncomfortable situation, and many employees might not fully understand what it means to file an action against a harasser. Because of that, it is important be become familiar with the process and what a sexual harassment investigation entails.

Protecting your rights and holding harassers accountable

The workplace today is filled with much diversity. This is especially true with regards to a mix of men and women working together at all positions in the work environment. And while diversity today is considered very positive, it could result in very uncomfortable situations or even harassment. Because of this, our law firm focuses on advocating on behalf of employees, ensuring that his or her rights are protected.

Why is sexual harassment in the workplace hard to prove?

As a previous post highlighted, sexual harassment in the workplace can take different forms and can occur at varying degrees. Additionally, a victim does not need to be the direct victim of the harasser, but could be an individual impacted by witnessing sexual harassment in the workplace. While sexual harassment could lead to serious damages experienced by a victim, it is not always easy to prove that these situations have occurred in work environments in Minnesota and elsewhere.

What sexual harassment looks like

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, enforces the prohibitions against certain acts in the workplace. For employees in Minnesota and all other sates in the nation, this means being protected from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Despite federal and state rules and regulations, various forms of discrimination and harassment still occur in the work environment.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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