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Protecting your rights and holding harassers accountable

The workplace today is filled with much diversity. This is especially true with regards to a mix of men and women working together at all positions in the work environment. And while diversity today is considered very positive, it could result in very uncomfortable situations or even harassment. Because of this, our law firm focuses on advocating on behalf of employees, ensuring that his or her rights are protected.

Why is sexual harassment in the workplace hard to prove?

As a previous post highlighted, sexual harassment in the workplace can take different forms and can occur at varying degrees. Additionally, a victim does not need to be the direct victim of the harasser, but could be an individual impacted by witnessing sexual harassment in the workplace. While sexual harassment could lead to serious damages experienced by a victim, it is not always easy to prove that these situations have occurred in work environments in Minnesota and elsewhere.

What sexual harassment looks like

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, enforces the prohibitions against certain acts in the workplace. For employees in Minnesota and all other sates in the nation, this means being protected from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Despite federal and state rules and regulations, various forms of discrimination and harassment still occur in the work environment.

Sexual harassment settlement reached in Mankato case

As a previous blog pointed out, situations involving sexual harassment can spark an uncomfortable situation for Minnesota employees. Additionally, the situation is often difficult to speak out about, and some employees fail to timely report instances of sexual harassment in the workplace. When an employee feels he or she is being mistreated or being harassed based on their sex, it is important to file a complaint. Moreover, if damages have resulted from the situation, the harmed employee might be able to file a cause of action.

What does sexual harassment in the workplace look like?

No matter the age or sex of an employee, the issue of sexual harassment at work is well known. While employees in Minnesota and elsewhere are aware of the seriousness of sex discrimination, many are not fully prepared to deal with such a situation. Moreover, some may not be able to distinguish instances of sexual harassment, causing them to not take appropriate action against mistreatment at work.

Taking action against sexual harassment in the workplace

While the workplace is often considered a safe and friendly environment for most employees in Minnesota, that is not always the case. Unwanted sexual advances or other forms of sexual harassment can happen at almost any kind of workplace. These experiences can be uncomfortable, damaging and quite possibly illegal. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to talk about them or to take action against them.

What is sexual harassment and what can employees do?

When an employee feels uncomfortable in the workplace, it is important that they understand how to address the situation. Whether they work in Minnesota or elsewhere in the nation, employees should not be subjected to offensive conduct or unwanted sexual advances in the work environment. These actions constitute sexual harassment, and whether carried out by an employer or a co-worker, there are employee rights that protect a worker when faced with these uncomfortable and wrong situations.

What is needed for a sexual harassment suit against a supervisor?

Events in the workplace that make an employee uncomfortable should not be disregarded. They could often fall into a category of discrimination and could be acted upon. If an employer or supervisor is making unwanted advances or giving an employee inappropriate attention, this could constitute sexual harassment.

How do you address sexual harassment in the work environment?

Being comfortable in the work environment is important to employees in Minnesota. Working in a safe, healthy and fair work environment is not only conducive to productivity but also protects the rights of the employees. When a supervisor or co-worker oversteps these lines, an employee could suffer greatly. In severe situations the harassment is so pervasive a hostile work environment is created. Sexual harassment creates a very uncomfortable situation and this violation of civil rights could lead to serious damages for the employee experiencing it.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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