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Sexual Harassment Archives

Pentagon issues report of sexual harassment complaints

Some employees in Minnesota have the misfortune of experiencing or witnessing obnoxious or offensive activities in the workplace. In most cases, the employee this occurs to or a witness of these events will file a complaint. This is commonly the case when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace. This harassment will often create a hostile work environment and could lead to emotional damage and even force some employees to quit.

Employee receives settlement for sexual harassment incident

Women in the workforce have encountered various setbacks and pitfalls in the past. Although it is presumed that males and females are treated equally in the workplace, this is not always the case. Some female employees experience unequal treatment when they do not receive comparable salaries and promotion opportunities. In addition to sex discrimination, women in the workplace also experience sexual harassment. These situations often lead to a hostile work environment, and the employee could experience damages.

JPMorgan settles sexual harassment claims

Women in the professional world have consistently increased over the past decades. This has not only lead to equal representation of both genders in the work force, it has also opened up other issues involving equal treatment. Although women seek and expect equal treatment in the work environment, this is not always the case. This is where sexual harassment and hostile work environments often exhibit themselves, and Minnesota employees should know their rights in these situations.

Office romances could lead to a hostile work environment

Romance in the workplace could lead to a happy relationship, but this is not always the case for workers in Minnesota and across the nation. This is especially true when a supervisor makes advances toward a subordinate. In some cases, this could be the fairytale or dream come true love story where the two have feelings for one another and are able to properly date without causing conflict in the work environment. For others, this could be a situation of sexual harassment. A supervisor could take advantage of their role in the workplace and the subordinate might submit to these advances. This could lead to additional and even serious situations.

Female lieutenant claims racial and sexual harassment

Most of our readers probably hope that their work environment will be a pleasant and fairly enjoyable place to spend the workweek. Although some employees have very positive experiences at work, others do not. Unfortunately, in some case, employees experiences sexual harassment and discrimination. These serious acts not only make it difficult for employees to tolerate the work environment, it also puts their career and livelihood at risk, which could cause some employees to be hesitant to report these situations.

Woman seeks to appeal sexual harassment claim dismissal

Although residents might change career paths a few times in their life, having a good secure job that they feel comfortable at is important to Minnesota workers. When an employee no longer feels comfortable or safe in the work environment, this usually presents issues that could turn into major problems. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, no matter their age, gender or sexual orientation, employees should understand how to correct this situation.

Female bank tellers say they were harassed by other women

Sexuality is a part of life, but sexual behavior isn't always welcome or appropriate. When unwelcome sexual conduct happens in the workplace, it can be very damaging to the individual and the company. It can also be illegal. When victimized Minnesota workers report the inappropriate behavior, their employers are required to do something about it. When they fail to do s or when action is brought against the reporting employee instead of the misbehaving ones, they're breaking the law.

Sex discrimination and sexual harassment in firefighting

Many lines of work in Minnesota are historically dominated by men and have only in recent years come to grips with the problem of sex discrimination. Unfortunately, as these jobs have slowly opened up to female workers, these pioneering women employees have often faced another problem related to discrimination, sexual harassment.

Employers have financial incentive to stop sexual harassment

Many Minnesotans who have been the victims of sexual harassment at work suffer in silence. Often, victims fear that no one will believe them if they report what is really going on, or that no one will do anything about it. They may fear that the powerful forces at their workplace are too entrenched to change anything when an employee reports harassment. But, one thing that gets the attention of an employer is money, and sexual harassment can be very expensive for employers.

Sexual harassment probe of lawmaker's office could spread

Some of the most horrifying sexual harassment cases in Minnesota involve hostile work environments. Unlike cases where an individual supervisor or co-worker is harassing an individual employee, hostile work environment cases involve a culture of harassment where supervisors tolerate or even join in with harassing one or more employees.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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