Taking Your Sexual Abuse Case To Court

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When you entrust the care and well-being of a child or vulnerable adult to another person or entity, you assume that he or she will be kept safe from harm. When this trust is violated and your loved one is sexually abused by those who were supposed to watch after him or her, it is devastating. Those who have had a child or other vulnerable adult family member harmed in such a way need to know one thing: You have legal options and can pursue a civil action to hold the individual and his or her supervising entity accountable for the horrible wrongs they have inflicted on your loved ones.

At John A. Klassen, PA, we provide you with direct access to a Minnesota sexual abuse litigation attorney. Whether your loved one was harmed in a school, church, youth organization, health care facility, state-run facility or any other setting where an overseeing entity should have prevented the abuse, we can help you pursue a claim and seek justice for your loved ones.

The Cases Our Firm Has Tried

With 20 years of trial experience, lawyer John Klassen has the knowledge and courtroom strategies necessary to stand up for abuse victims such as:

  • Minor children: Minors are typically harmed in foster homes, schools, youth organizations and churches. The offenders often are other students, educational officials, foster parents or foster siblings, youth group leaders and religious officials.
  • Vulnerable adults: When adults are placed in a facility due to a mental or physical disability, they may be abused by health care workers such as nurses, orderlies, physicians, psychiatrists and other health care professionals.

Case Result: John served as lead counsel in a case brought by a vulnerable adult male who was the victim of sexual abuse while institutionalized in a state mental hospital. We recovered $140,000 for our client in this matter.

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