Helping Employees Understand Their Rights Under Noncompete Agreements

Starting a new job often involves signing an employment contract that contains a variety of different promises, conditions, and complicated language, binding both the employer and the employee. A section of the contract such as the noncompetition clause (commonly called a noncompete agreement) may leave you wondering about its fairness and whether you should sign it.

If you are worried about possibly giving up rights if you sign a contract with a noncompetition clause, attorney John Klassen, can explain the purpose and risks to help you make a sound decision. We also have the experience to defend you if a former employer claims that you violated a noncompete agreement and brings a lawsuit against you and your new employer.

At the law office of John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis, we have been helping employees understand employment contracts and noncompete agreements for more than a decade. We want to help ensure that a noncompete agreement is legal, enforceable, and appropriate.

What Is a Noncompete Agreement?

A noncompete agreement is a legal contract that restricts an employee’s actions after their employment relationship has ended. It specifically states that an employee may not compete with his or her former employer for a specific amount of time, in a specific geography, and under specific terms.

If the noncompete agreement you are being asked to sign, or the one you already signed, is too broad in its geographical area, time frame, or terms, it may not be enforceable in court. Our firm can help you examine and evaluate the agreement to determine if it is reasonable in its scope, as well as negotiate changes when appropriate.

What To Do If There Is A Problem With A Noncompete Agreement You Signed

John Klassen can represent you in negotiations or litigation if your former employer has claimed that you were in violation of a noncompetition agreement. These agreements are becoming more commonplace in today’s job market, and courts are enforcing them, within reason. Our firm is dedicated to protecting employees’ rights by pointing out how a noncompete agreement is invalid because of its overly broad scope, geography, or time frame. We can also help you transition to a job with a new employer and be mindful of a current noncompete agreement’s limits.

Contact Our Employment Law Lawyer

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