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At John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis, we are trial lawyers dedicated to employment law matters and defending employee rights in the workplace. Our managing partner, attorney John Klassen, offers more than thirteen years of experience in employment law matters to help protect your rights and stand up against employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

Minnesota is a great state because of the diversity of its workforce. John founded our firm in 1996 to focus on helping employees in Minnesota. We represent employees whose civil rights have been violated by their employer, supervisor, boss, or coworker. We understand that employees face many types of employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation on the job, and we are committed to making Minnesota workplaces more fair and less hostile.

Our firm has handled many different types of employment law cases. We have successfully held employers responsible for their illegal behavior and violations of their employees’ civil rights. If you are a whistleblower or if you face employment discrimination, harassment or retaliation at work, you need to contact an experienced lawyer who is the recognized leader in employment law.

The Employment Law Services We Provide

The law office of John A. Klassen, PA, can help you if:

Well-Known Leader in Employment Law Matters

Our firm is the recognized leader in plaintiff’s employment law in Minnesota, and we pride ourselves on the focus and attention we give to our clients. John has been recognized as a Minnesota Super Lawyer since 2003, and our employment law cases have been covered in national and international news. We successfully handled the sexual harassment and discrimination cases against the Minneapolis Fire Department and its former fire chief, as well as represented the plaintiffs in a mass defamation lawsuit against Minnesota Power. We have been leaders in helping women throughout Minnesota who have bravely faced sexual harassment and discrimination in what are historically known as male-dominated industries and workplaces.

John has been an employment law attorney for since 1994. He brings to our firm a passion for defending employee rights and protecting employees from discrimination, harassment and retaliation on the job. John’s skill and reputation as a leader in employment law can help you get compensation for the wrongs your employer committed against you. He has achieved million dollar results for clients.

Protect Your Employee Rights As Soon As They Are Violated

Employees are often unaware of their employee rights or are afraid to sue their employer. Retaining an experienced employment law firm like John A. Klassen, PA, can set your mind at ease as we effectively work to defend your rights. Our firm can help you recover your dignity and collect compensation for discrimination, harassment, retaliation or other violations of your rights. Our experience in False Claims Act cases will help you in protecting the United States government’s right to repayment in fraud cases.

If you think that your employee rights have been violated by your employer, our firm can help. Even if your employer has been acting in a certain way for a long time and no one else has complained, you and your rights should be protected. Your employer should be prevented from continuing to discriminate against you and other employees in the future.

Here To Serve You

Employees should not tolerate discrimination, harassment, sexual orientation bias, or the fear of retaliation. To begin protecting your employee rights in the workplace, as an employee or whistleblower, contact John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis. We can be contacted by phone at 612-217-4988 or through the intake form on our Contact Us page.