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Medicare/Medicaid fraud occurs when hospitals, physicians or any other health care provider submits a false claim or bill to the federal government (Medicare and Medicaid). When this occurs, individuals who have knowledge of the illegal conduct can serve as “whistleblowers” for the government and provide evidence of the wrongdoing. In return for helping the government pursue these fraudulent activities — via a civil case called a qui tam claim brought under the False Claims Act — whistleblowers are also eligible to receive a portion of the funds that the government recovers.

Extensive Experience In Health Care Fraud Cases

John A. Klassen, PA, provides whistleblowers in Minneapolis and across the state with personal attention from a lawyer and the powerful representation they need when pursuing a qui tam claim. Trial attorney John Klassen is well-known in the legal community, being named for inclusion in Minnesota Super Lawyers every year since 2003. His fearless approach to even the most complex cases has led to many favorable outcomes for his clients in Medicare and Medicaid fraud cases and other whistleblower matters.

Do Not Be Afraid To Speak Up

Many times, Medicare and Medicaid fraud claims are brought by employees who witness their employer’s wrongdoing. Reporting your employer’s illegal acts is protected conduct under state and federal whistleblower laws. Our comprehensive understanding of whistleblower law and employment law allows us to represent you in any qui tam claims and protect your rights should your employer take illegal retaliatory action.

Common Forms Of Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

Any type of fraud that involves Medicare or Medicaid may trigger a cause of action under the False Claims Act. This includes:

  • Nursing home fraud
  • Home health fraud
  • Medical billing fraud (including upcoding and unbundling)
  • Double billing
  • Medical assistance fraud
  • Ambulance transport fraud
  • Prescription fraud

Case Result: John served as lead counsel in a successful False Claims Act fraud complaint against a Minnesota-based medical transport company for alleged fraudulent billing to the United States under Medicare and Medicaid.

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