Skilled Counsel In Severance Package Negotiation

Some companies and public employers outline severance packages in their employment contracts, while others may offer them to employees who retired, were laid off, or were fired. The law office of John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis, can investigate your case to find out if you are entitled to a severance package, as well as evaluate any package you are offered.

We have been helping employees in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota with their severance agreements for more than a decade. Our firm is concerned with protecting employees’ rights to severance packages, if they are appropriate, and making sure that employees are offered reasonable and adequate severance compensation.

What Is a Severance Package?

A severance package is the pay and benefits that an employee is offered, or may be otherwise entitled to, after a discharge, lay-off or forced retirement. It may include continued salary for a time period, payment for unused vacation hours, or even continued insurance benefits. When you retire, a severance package may include retirement benefits or stock options.

We can help you assess whether the severance package you were offered is fair considering the specifics of your employment. If the severance package you were offered is not reasonable or adequate, we may be able to help you to negotiate better terms to help bridge the gap to your next job. Our firm is skilled at recognizing if a package was offered because you were wrongfully terminated, and we can help you protect your right to file a discrimination claim when necessary.

Severance Package Negotiation After Corporate Wrongdoing

You may be entitled to more than a severance package if you were laid off after many years of service in a so-called corporate reorganization. Our firm can help determine if you were wrongfully fired due to age discrimination or another form of discrimination or retaliation and address if the severance package is fair considering your employer’s wrongdoing.

Our goal is to advocate on behalf of employees who were victimized by their employers in their termination. We are dedicated to righting wrongs done by employers and ensuring that employees receive the severance package benefits they deserve.

How To Contact Our Firm

To talk to an experienced employment lawyer about negotiating or assessing a severance package, contact John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis. We can be contacted by phone at 612-217-4988 or through the intake form on our Contact Us page