Attorney Fighting Disability Discrimination

John A. Klassen, PA, is a leading disability discrimination and harassment firm serving clients in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and throughout the state. Firm founder John Klassen is Board Certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association, and he uses his 20 years of legal experience to the benefit of all our firm’s clients.

Comprehensive Representation For All Types Of Disability Discrimination Cases

Our vast courtroom experience provides us with the insight and proven strategies necessary to combat disability discrimination and harassment in situations such as:

  • An employer not allowing an employee to keep his or her job or take time to seek treatment for his or her disability.
  • Employers failing to make reasonable accommodations for those with known disabilities.
  • Companies not recognizing all forms of disabilities, including mental disabilities that may not be as easy to identify as physical disabilities.

In these and any other discrimination-related scenarios, our firm is equipped to address all forms of disability discrimination and harassment, including those based on disabilities related to cancer, heart conditions, joint issues, blood disorders, multiple sclerosis and all other disabling conditions and injuries.

Disability Harassment

Discrimination is often closely tied to workplace harassment. The law prevents harassment based on disabilities and a variety of other factors. If your employer has harassed you — such as making disparaging remarks about your disability or subjecting you to negative working conditions because of your disability — you do not have to put up with this inappropriate conduct.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Disability discrimination can also affect pregnant women. Pregnancy may be considered a temporary disability, and employers are required to make accommodations and not treat pregnant employees differently than other employees. When employers fail to do this, they discriminate based on the employee’s pregnancy, and they may be held liable for their misconduct.

We have extensive experience in cases involving pregnancy discrimination, and have helped many clients assert their rights under state and federal laws prohibiting discriminatory conduct against pregnant women.

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