Sexual Orientation Harassment & Discrimination

Members of the GLBT community have long endured sexual orientation discrimination and harassment in their personal and professional lives. When you encounter harassment or discrimination of any kind in the workplace, you need an experienced, dedicated employment lawyer on your side to protect your rights.

Determined Advocate For GLBT Employees

Attorney John Klassen is a determined advocate for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees in Minnesota. He founded our law office, John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis, in 1996 to focus on representing employees who suffered sexual orientation discrimination or harassment in the workplace. A large percentage of our law practice is dedicated to representing the GLBT community in employment law issues in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Greater Minnesota cities.

The purpose of my law firm is to advocate on behalf of and protect employees who have been victimized by their employers. Attorney John Klassen.

Our firm is committed to ensuring that your civil rights are protected in the workplace. We understand the importance of GLBT rights in the modern workplace, and we work to ensure that Minnesota’s employment environments are free from sexual orientation discrimination and workplace harassment based upon sexual orientation.

John A. Klassen, PA, has participated in a number of important cases that involve sexual orientation discrimination and harassment, including cases of same-sex and transgender harassment and discrimination.

Experienced In High-Profile Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

John Klassen recently represented three clients in discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases against the Minneapolis Fire Department and its former fire chief. These high-profile cases involved same-sex and reverse sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination claims against the first openly lesbian fire chief in a major city. One of the cases is the first known reverse sexual orientation discrimination case in the United States against the head of a large public agency. All three cases were ultimately settled favorably for the plaintiffs, and the Minneapolis Fire Chief was demoted in part because of the alleged unlawful conduct which formed these cases.

For his work in the Minneapolis fire chief cases, John Klassen garnered national and international press coverage in leading newspapers such as the International Herald Tribune, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. Our firm’s involvement in these highly publicized cases marked us as a recognized leader in plaintiff’s employment law, discrimination, and harassment matters in Minnesota, and throughout the United States.

Contact A Sexual Orientation Discrimination Attorney

To talk with an experienced lawyer about sexual orientation discrimination, harassment and retaliation at work, contact John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis. We can be contacted by phone at 612-217-4988 or through out the intake form on our Contact Us page.