Legal Advocate Against Age Discrimination In The Workplace

It is often thought that with age comes wisdom, experience, and knowledge. However, in the workplace, some employers and management view older workers as liabilities, more costly, and inferior to younger workers. This is a fact backed up by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which reported that it received more than 10,000 claims of age discrimination on the job in 2006.

If you have experienced age discrimination that resulted in wrongful discharge, demotion or a missed promotion, you have legal recourse. The law office of John A. Klassen, PA, in Minneapolis, is a determined advocate for workers over 40 years old who have suffered age discrimination.

The purpose of my law firm is to advocate on behalf of and protect employees who have been victimized by their employers. Attorney John Klassen

What Is Age Discrimination?

Attorney John Klassen founded our firm in 1996 to focus on employee rights in the workplace. For more than a decade, we have successfully represented older workers who suffered age discrimination on the job. We handle cases where age discrimination or harassment takes many forms, such as:

  • Making ageist comments, such as jokes about an older worker’s age
  • Being overlooked or ignored for a promotion
  • Getting disqualified as a potential candidate during hiring
  • Getting laid off due to claims of reduction in workforce or corporate downsizing
  • Getting laid off due to claims of corporate reorganization
  • Getting fired in order to hire a younger worker
  • Being denied health or pension benefits due to age

Age discrimination is expressly prohibited by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967, which protects employees 40 years of age and older, as well as the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA). The ADEA and MHRA make it illegal for an employer to discriminate based on age in employment practices, such as hiring, firing, promotions, layoffs, benefits, and work assignments.

Age discrimination in employment is serious, especially if an older employee is terminated or laid off right before his or her pension would begin. If you are an older worker who was harassed, fired or laid off due to your age, or if you suspect that you are being discriminated against because of your age at work, we may be able to get your job back or get compensation for lost wages and benefits.

Contact An Age Discrimination Lawyer

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