Gender discrimination still prominent in the workplace

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When a person enters a new career field or starts a new job, they are often nervous and excited about this new journey. There are numerous things that new employees in Minnesota and across the nation will consider when taking on a new job. One thing that is not often thought about is discrimination. Women entering the workforce might believe that after decades of gaining a stronger and more equal appearance in the work world, they would not have to endure discrimination or harassment based on their gender or any other attribute. Nonetheless, some women still experience this uncomfortable, emotional and often life altering experience.

A recent article discussed the presence of gender discrimination in society and how it affects the workplace. Gender discrimination in the work environment has a long history and is still reported today. It was also indicated as the most frequent form of discrimination reported in the workplace. In addition, after an occurrence or claims of sex discrimination in the workplace, the dynamics of the entire workplace is often significantly affected and impacted.

Following an event of discrimination in the work environment, tension is often crated. A hostile workplace can also decrease production, hurting the company in more than one way. When these incidents occur, usually the entire workplace is aware of it. This could continue the increase in hostility and decrease in productivity by staff.

Because gender discrimination and other forms of workplace discrimination can significantly impact the personal and professional life of those affected, it is important proper action is taken. This could mean speaking with supervisors, speaking with HR and even filing a formal complaint against the employer. No matter what steps they take or path they choose, employees should understand that they have various options. Seeking advice and guidance about the situation could help preserve their rights and interests.

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