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What does age discrimination look like?

Obtaining or maintaining a position at any age can be a momentous event for any employee in Minnesota and states across the nation. Due to the improving economy, some residents do not struggle trying to find adequate employment. While it might be easier to find a job these days, there are still hurdles and pitfalls when trying to find a well-paying job. For some, the individual's age might deter them from applying for some positions, but age should never be a factor in an employer's decision to hire or fire an employee. Age discrimination is a form of employment discrimination that not only prevents some potential employees from receiving a job, but it could also lead to wrongful termination.

Settlement reached in Kluwe's case against the Vikings

Losing a job can be a devastating and emotional event in an individual's life. In some situations, a person might be fired or let go due to poor performance, budget cuts or improper behavior in the work environment. Although it is not an uncommon occurrence for a person to lose their job, it could happen for unlawful reasons. A wrongful termination could be linked to employment discrimination and an employee could lose their job due to a personal characteristic they embody.

Understanding the signs of employment discrimination

Even when residents in Minnesota find a job that they really love, they still deal with the natural ups and downs involved with having a career. Some of these events might make them temporarily dislike their jobs or even co-workers or their employers. While it is common to have bad days at work, employees should note that there are certain occurrences in the workplace that should not be tolerated. Specifically, employment discrimination should not be overlooked and it is important to note the signs of it.

Understanding what disability discrimination looks like

No matter the characteristics of an individual, obtaining a good and fulfilling career in a safe and supportive workplace should be available to all those seeking employment. Residents in Minnesota who struggle with disabilities often face struggles such as the constraints that their disability includes. Despite being constrained mentally or physically, employees should not face unemployment or termination due to their disabilities. Disability discrimination is a serious issue that could cause a hostile work environment or even the unlawful discharge of an employee.

Understanding the signs of sexual harassment in the workplace

Various issues could present themselves in the work environment. When employees in Minnesota struggle with certain actions by their co-workers or superiors, this could lead to a hostile work environment. When unwanted sexual advances are made, this could be an incident of sexual harassment and the worker does have options to get out of the situation. For some employees, these occurrences are not easily noticed, which leads to little to no action taken. It is important to be fully aware of the actions of others in the work place and to speak up about any concerns.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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