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Why people wait to report sexual harassment and discrimination

When allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination come out, one of the first things critics tend to ask is why the victim did not report the incident right away. It seems that any delay can get labeled as "too long," as if that alone means that the account isn't valid. Whether it took a month or a year or a decade, there's always someone looking to say that the delay casts doubt on the claims.

What is a qui tam claim?

Fraud is a word that has legal significance in a number of different practice areas. In the context of criminal law, fraud may mean the intentionally deceitful actions of a person to deprive someone else of their money. In the context of family law, it may mean the intentional deceit of a man into believing that he is a father's child.

Older workers face challenges when they look for employment

Although some individuals love the work that they do and enjoy putting in hours for their employers, many Minnesota residents work so that they can put food on their tables and care for the needs and wants of their families. Often workers set an age goal for when they can say goodbye to their careers and retire in order to spend more time with their loved ones and doing what they want to do. Today, however, many Americans of traditional retirement age are reentering the workforce and facing some challenges when it comes to finding work.

What is disability harassment?

Discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by many different state and federal laws. Minnesota workers cannot be discriminated against in their jobs based on their age, gender, race, religious affiliation or a number of other protected classifications. When discrimination threatens the work of a person, they may have options under the law to protect their rights.

Exceptions exist to the applicability of the ADEA

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act is a federal law that prohibits how employers may treat their workers who are at least 40 years of age. The ADEA only applies to employers who have at least 20 workers, which means that it may not protect older workers who work at small businesses or for entities with smaller work staffs. In Minnesota, older workers may also find that the ADEA's protections do not reach them when certain exceptions are present.

Should a worker get overtime under the FLSA?

Simply put, people work to make money. The Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA is a federal law that ensures that American workers are compensated for the tasks they perform at work. Workers can be compensated in different ways and may hold different work responsibilities that affect how they are classified under the law. Some workers are eligible to receive overtime, which is increased pay for hours worked beyond the individuals' standard work periods.

Quid pro quo harassment at work

A Minneapolis resident may go to the store with the expectation that they will have to pay for whatever goods they choose to purchase. Additionally, if they choose to enter into a contract with another party they may rightly expect that they will have to perform some form of work in order to be benefitted by the other party to the agreement. In life it is pretty common that a person will not get something for nothing, but there is one context where prepositioning actions based on others' acquiescence may be prohibited under the law.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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