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December 2018 Archives

Standing up to employment discrimination

It is a common practice among Minnesota residents to make resolutions for the coming New Year. While some people may resolve to eat better, exercise more and lose weight, others may put their focus on treating others with more respect and giving their time to worthy causes.

Minnesota daycares indicated in fraud schemes

There is a recent case of a whistleblower coming forward in Minnesota. The state's childcare program, called CCAP, is allegedly involved in some kind of government fraud. The trouble is that no one really knows what the fraud is or where it's coming from. There are significant questions about how others have ignored the fraud taking place, while other people want to know how serious this fraud really is.

What counts as retaliation against a sexual harassment complaint?

While employees in Minnesota may be aware that they are protected from retaliation from their employers if they assert their right to work in an atmosphere free from discrimination. But, what is included in a protected activity: an activity that it is illegal for someone to retaliate against an employee for? And what can be considered retaliation?

Defining disability under the ADA

A disability can be something that a Minnesota person is born with or it may be acquired after an illness or injury. Disabilities can be physical and can manifest by problems with individuals' movement, balance, or coordination. They may also be mental and can impact how individuals think, feel, and perceive their surroundings.

Mental illness disability discrimination in the workplace

Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD seem to be increasing each year. Many potential employees will fail to even apply for a job because they fear being immediately turned down due to these types of conditions. What they fail to realize is that mental health conditions are covered under the same legal protections as physical health conditions. As such, it is the sole decision of a job applicant whether or not to disclose this information in a job interview, or at any time thereafter unless required for accommodations or benefit eligibility.

What rights do you have against wage discrimination?

It is an unfortunate fact of the times we live in that two people may often be performing the same job but one might be receiving more compensation for it. Whether this wage discrimination results from discrimination against gender, age or race, it is prohibited by federal law and Minnesota residents should know that employees have the right to be free from discrimination in their compensation. All types of compensation are covered by the federal law prohibiting discrimination, including overtime pay, bonuses, salary and profit sharing.

Don't let fear stop you from doing what is right

Although some may truly enjoy doing their jobs, most Minnesota residents go to work each day because they need to earn money to support their families. A pay check is an important part of keeping families afloat and securing the resources individuals need, so they can live their lives without fear of knowing where the food, shelter, and other requirements will come from. Not many people actively choose to engage in practices that could threaten their livelihoods and jeopardize their jobs.

What is the whistleblower protection program?

As someone who knows that there are safety and health violations happening at your place of work, you want to let someone know. However, if you do, you're worried that you could face retaliation. Your employer is not known for being kind to those who make them angry, and this makes you concerned.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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