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Do you know what's in your employment contract?

There are many employees in Minnesota whose relationship with their employer is governed by the terms and conditions of an employment contract. These agreements can have terms that vary widely from one contract to another. So, do you know what's in your employment contract?

Employment discrimination cases against Fox News reach settlement

Our readers may have seen previous posts here that mentioned several discrimination lawsuits filed against mega-news network Fox News. The claims against Fox News that made the most headlines were for sexual harassment, but there were other claims as well, based on gender and race discrimination. Now, a recent report detailed how Fox News has settled a number of these claims for $10 million.

Fighting all different types of discrimination in the workplace

Our readers who are familiar with previous our posts know that age discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination and racial discrimination are problems that employers and employees alike must confront in the workplace, sometimes with disturbing regularity. Many employers do their best to instill a workplace atmosphere that is free from these serious problems, but there are some that fail in their efforts. For employees who experience any type of discrimination or harassment at work, sometimes, the only option is to fight that conduct through legal means.

Lawmakers in Minnesota working on sexual harassment issues

Most of the news coverage that our readers see is probably focused on national politics, rather than local politics. However, state laws can affect the lives of Minnesota residents even more so than national laws. For instance, a recent article noted how the state legislature is continuing to work on issues addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Does your employment contract have an arbitration clause?

Many employees in Minnesota have relationships with their employers that are governed by employment contracts. Like many other types of contracts that our readers might be familiar with, employment contracts can be several pages long, covering a vast range of terms, from compensation, holiday time and insurance options. But, there is one potential clause in employment contracts that can sometimes be overlooked, but may become crucial: a mandatory arbitration clause.

Respond carefully to whistleblower retaliation

When an employee witnesses or identifies illegal activity in the workplace, he or she has a responsibility to take proper actions to report it. Unfortunately, the reality of such situations is that these employees often face the hard choice of reporting a violation — and likely suffering some extensive personal losses — or keeping quiet and protecting their own interests.

Are you a "non-exempt" employee under the FLSA?

After years of a poor job market, in Minnesota and throughout the country, most people are probably just happy to have a job in today's roaring economy. However, as important as it is for our readers to be happy to have a job, it is equally important to understand one's employment status when it comes to the protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The ADA protects against disability discrimination

Most people probably don't think about disabilities when they think about discrimination in the workplace. These days, the news is focused on sexual harassment, in particular, along with some high-profile instances of discrimination based on race. However, it is an unfortunate reality that disability discrimination can be just as much of a problem in a workplace in Minnesota.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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