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December 2019 Archives

Holiday parties have potential for sexual harassment

The holidays are a time for people in Minnesota and throughout the United States to enjoy some extra time off and take part in holiday parties. Some of these parties are held at their place of employment. While the intention is to allow employees and their supervisors and bosses to socialize in a less-stressful atmosphere and celebrate, studies suggest it also opens the door to the possibility that there will be inappropriate statements or comments and unwanted touching.

Office parties can be a breeding ground for sexual harassment

Many people in the Twin Cities area either have had or probably will be having their office parties or more informal work-related get-togethers in the upcoming days. Even for those who have already had them, this is a good time of year to think about social functions related to work in general.

What is retaliation in employment?

Employment law is a very complex area that can be difficult for businesses to keep up with when they are trying to run a company. Unfortunately, not knowing the laws isn't an excuse for failing to comply with them.

More on defamation actions in employment disputes

Previously, this blog discussed a legal case that involved a nurse suing her former employer for defamation. Her claim was that her employer falsely accused her of stealing medicine from the nursing home where she worked. It turned out the woman had a solid alibi. The case illustrates an important point about which Minnesota employees should be aware.

What is undue hardship with disability discrimination?

Disabled people in Minnesota and across the United States who are seeking employment are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the ADA, employers are required to give employees and prospective employees the same courtesies and opportunities accorded to people who are not disabled. However, there can be disagreements in how the ADA is interpreted and people who believe they have been discriminated against because they are disabled should be aware of how the law addresses these issues. One consideration that must be factored in is whether the needs of the employee fall into the category of undue hardship.

Rare defamation suit filed after Minnesota nurse's firing

All employees are afforded certain rights. This means that when an employee believes that these rights are not upheld, action could be taken to seek legal recourses for these violations. Whether it is a state or federal regulation violation, employees should be aware of their rights following any type of event or incident in the workplace.

Religious discrimination is banned under federal law

Federal law prohibits employers in Minnesota and states throughout the country from discriminating against employees on the basis of the employee's religion. As with other protected classes, an employer may not refuse to consider or hire a job candidate because of his or her religion, nor may an employer fire, discipline, refuse to promote or take other adverse actions against an employee because of his religious beliefs.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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