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Fox News faces even more claims of employment discrimination

Our readers may remember a recent post here that addressed some of the ongoing sexual harassment issues that media giant Fox News is experiencing, primarily involving former employee Bill O'Reilly. But, it appears that O'Reilly isn't the only person who worked at the news network that may have been involved in this type of illegal employment discrimination. According to a recent report, three women are suing the network itself for illegal discrimination.

What is sexual harassment according to the EEOC?

If people are careful, the term "sexual harassment" isn't thrown around lightly in the workplace. After all, accusing a co-worker or manager of sexual harassment could result in disciplinary action, or even termination of employment. But, the fact is that sexual harassment, unfortunately, still occurs in workplaces throughout the country, and in Minnesota. When an employee brings a claim of sexual harassment in the workplace, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is likely to get involved at some point. So, what is sexual harassment, according to the EEOC?

Teacher files lawsuit alleging race discrimination

Discrimination is still a major problem in American society. Some Minnesota residents believe they experience discrimination because of their religion. For others, it is their disability. But, for millions of people in this country, race discrimination is their biggest concern. When this type of discrimination occurs in the workplace, employee rights come into play.

Complying with the requirement of "reasonable accommodation"

Most employers in Minnesota do their best to stay in compliance with all state and federal employment laws. But, there are some employers who don't meet this burden. Instead, they may engage in some type of employment discrimination. Disability discrimination is one example. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are required to provide "reasonable accommodation" to disabled employees. Of course, that term is a bit subjective. What exactly is a "reasonable accommodation" for a worker in Minnesota who has a disability?

Before you blow the whistle on an employer, build a strong team

Wherever there is opportunity for profit, there is also opportunity for fraud, in both the private and public sector. If you recently learned of dishonest practices in your employer's dealings as a government contractor, then you have a duty to come forward with this information.

Fighting workplace retaliation that leads to wrongful termination

No one enjoys tension in their workplace. For the most part, Minnesota residents want to enjoy what they do for a living, earn a decent income and go home happy to their families. Unfortunately, there are some employees in Minnesota who don't have this type of ideal situation. Instead, they may be subject to various forms of retaliation in the workplace, which can make life miserable.

What can employees in Minnesota do about unsafe work conditions?

Employers in Minnesota are obligated to provide employees with a safe working environment. This obligation includes providing safe facilities, appropriate training and having a system in place to address safety concerns as they arise. Unfortunately, some employees in Minnesota may be working in an environment that ignores these obligations. So, what can employees do about unsafe work conditions at their place of employment?

Protecting a wide range of employee rights in Minnesota

Employee rights have come a long way in the United States. Most employees are protected from a wide range of discriminatory conduct, are allowed time off when health emergencies strike and receive overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week. The laws that are in place to ensure that workers in Minnesota receive these employee rights have been implemented over the course of decades.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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