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April 2018 Archives

What is age discrimination and how does it violate the law?

Most people in Minnesota are familiar with lawsuits that are based on allegations of race or gender discrimination in the workplace, but some are less familiar with the fact that discrimination based on a person's age can be illegal as well. So, what is age discrimination and how does it violate the law?

Know the basics about sexual harassment claims

Sexual harassment has been in the news quite a bit in recent months, as women everywhere are calling out instances of bad behavior in the workplace. Minnesota is not immune from these types of incidents, and our readers would be well-served to know the basics about a sexual harassment claim.

Fighting for your rights in employment law cases

Although the job market is seemingly better than it has been in decades, just because job opportunities are plentiful doesn't mean that employees in Minnesota don't face challenges. Finding the right job can be just as hard as finding any job at all, because, unfortunately, there are still many employees who face discrimination, harassment and pay-related issues in the workplace.

Minneapolis-based retailer Target settles discrimination case

Target, the Minneapolis-based company, is one of the biggest retailers in the country. And, like all businesses, it is prohibited from engaging in illegal discrimination when it comes to employees and job applicants. But, despite those prohibitions, the company was the subject of a lawsuit that alleged discrimination in its hiring process.

Does your employer view older workers as a liability?

With age comes wisdom, or at least that is the old saying. While we all value the insight of older, wiser people in our personal lives, employers in Minnesota may not feel the same way about older workers at their business or organization. In fact, some employers may view older workers as a liability.

What is a hostile work environment?

When it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, many Minnesota residents will struggle with deciding what the best approach will be to attempt to solve the problem. For some, they may feel like they have enough clout with their employer for a direct confrontation about the problem, hoping that the employer will be shocked enough by the allegations to make an immediate change.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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