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November 2019 Archives

Age discrimination could be present in popular phrase

In Minnesota workplaces, there can be a fine line between relatively harmless joking and offensiveness. People can frequently have that line blurred and inadvertently or intentionally commit acts of workplace discrimination. With the increase in social media use and the accompanying attempts at humor, it can easily cross over from chuckle-inducing to insulting. People who believe certain designations and comments fall into the category of discriminatory, and have it negatively affect their ability to do their jobs or cause them to lose the job entirely have the right to seek compensation in an employment lawsuit.

Woman files lawsuit after incident at work-related conference

A woman who works for an employer in a state that borders Minnesota has filed suit claiming a former colleague grabbed her breasts and then commented about her chest to two other men, neither of whom were employees of the company. This incident happened at a bar in Minnesota after a day in which the woman and her co-workers had attended a business conference and then gone to dinner. The woman said that her colleague's actions took her by complete surprise.

What medical employees should know about the False Claims Act

Working in the healthcare industry means assuming a position of trust with both the public and the businesses that you interact with in a professional capacity. Whether you are a physician's assistant, a nurse, a medical billing specialist or a receptionist, the people you interact with trust you in part because of your involvement in the medical field.

What is a reasonable accommodation?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, Minnesota residents who have a legal disability under federal or state law have certain rights in the workplace. Among these rights are the right not to be harassed at work due to their disability. Likewise, an employer may not fire, refuse to hire, or take other adverse action against an employee because of her disability. Finally, an employer has an obligation to provide what the law calls a reasonable accommodation to someone who has a condition that is a disability.

Attention to sexual harassment has not resulted in improvements

Minnesotans and people throughout the United States are undoubtedly aware of the "#MeToo" movement, complete with its social media hashtag and connotations of people from across the workplace spectrum being a victim of sexual harassment. While people sharing their stories of workplace mistreatment can be beneficial as a form of kinship and encouraging victims to come forward and seek justice, it is important to know whether the attention has yielded improvements.

Should I sign the severance agreement my boss gave me?

In most cases, one of the last things a Minnesota worker wants to see is a severance agreement. Usually, an employer will hand one of these contracts to their employee as she is, at least figuratively, being shown to the door of her workplace after a firing or a layoff. Amid the stress and fear associated with being without a reliable income, it may be tempting for a Minneapolis resident to sign a severance agreement on the spot, especially if the agreement involves a few extra weeks or even months of compensation.

Former Minnesota running coach files lawsuits

A former Minnesota running coach who says the University of Minnesota-Duluth forced her into resignation has now filed a wrongful termination case against the University's official leadership. In addition to wrongful termination, the coach also raised several other allegations based on sex and gender discrimination, including allegations of unequal pay and a hostile work environment.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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