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Company found to discriminate against women in pay, owes back-pay

Women across the country have fought for years to get treated equally to their male counterparts in all spheres of life, including the workplace. This means that there should be equal opportunity for men and woman in the workplace-equal pay for equal work. While the jobs do not need to be identical, the content of the jobs should be similar enough. It is federal law that a man and woman performing similar tasks be paid similarly.

What happens when you file an equal opportunity complaint?

If you are within a protected class of people, it is likely that you will have grounds to file a complaint over discriminatory behavior in the workplace at some point in your working life. While the workplace may eventually grow into a fair, professional environment for all people, it is still full of poor behavior by employers and other individuals. They do not understand that their behavior is unacceptable or do not care to change once they do understand.

Don't stay silent against employment discrimination

Many Minnesota residents spend more time working in their office than they do at home, which is why they consider their place of employment their second home. Coworkers become akin to family members, and bosses and supervisors become elderly loved ones one looks up to and respects, for the most part. This is why it can be especially difficult to come to terms with illegalities taking place at work, either by a boss or a coworker.

Why it can be hard to be a whistleblower

Most parents teach their kids to do what is right and to step up when it seems as though something is wrong. This foundational principle is instilled in kids at school, through their activities, and as parts of their local communities. A Minnesota youth may carry that message with them as they grow into a competent adult and may take that value with them when they transition into their career.

What contributes to a hostile working environment?

When an employer's or coworker's actions and behavior make it impossible to continue working in one's office and thereby alter the expectations of a comfortable workplace, a hostile workplace can said to have been created. But what behavior and language counts towards its legal requirements?

By when should my final paycheck be paid after I quit?

Just because an individual has quit their job voluntarily does not mean they are no longer entitled to the wages and commissions they have earned until that point. This is the law in Minnesota, regardless of whether the employee was fired, terminated or left their job voluntarily.

A disability should not be a bar to finding a job

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a broad piece of legislation that is intended to protect disabled Americans from the discriminatory practices of employers, governments, and other entities. A person who qualifies as disabled under the definition of the law may invoke its protections when another party has acted in a prohibited and illegal way. It is an unfortunate truth that disability discrimination often occurs when disabled Minnesota residents are seeking employment.

Pregnancy discrimination root of case against retailer

When a Minneapolis resident gets pregnant, they may want to shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know about the exciting changes coming up ahead for them. Unfortunately, if they are afraid of losing their job because they have become pregnant, it can put a huge damper on their excitement. This is why many people may not be aware that it is illegal to discriminate against pregnant workers.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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