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March 2017 Archives

The psychological impact of employment discrimination

Some of our readers may remember what it felt like to be bullied or made fun of on the playground in grade school - it was uncomfortable, irritating, frustrating and saddening. Most people probably expected this type of behavior to fade away as people grow up into adulthood. But, unfortunately, adults can be responsible for some of this regretful behavior as well, oftentimes culminating in employment discrimination in the workplace.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects older workers

An entire generation of Americans known as the "baby boomers" are reaching the age when many are probably thinking about retirement. However, the recent economic troubles our country has gone through in the last decade may have left many in Minnesota and across the nation on the outside looking in at that dream -- and perhaps forced to make employment changes.

How can you tell if you were subjected to sexual harassment?

Most people in Minnesota probably like to think that "times are changing" and society has moved on from the times when sexual harassment was common in the workplace. But, while there may be fewer instances of sexual harassment today than there were in years past, the unfortunate reality is that it is still an all too common problem in the workplace.

What can you do if you were subject to wrongful termination?

While many of our readers probably have good relationships with their employers, the fact is that some workers in Minneapolis are fired from their jobs for reasons that they disagree with. When employers terminate a worker's employment, they will usually try to justify the move as being based on performance, or perhaps a specific instance of non-compliance with the job directives. But, what if there are other reasons? What can you do if you were wrongfully discharged from your job?

Did you see your boss violate environmental law?

Employees in Minneapolis rarely see something illegal or untoward happening on the job, but these situations can happen. You might have seen your co-workers regularly dumping sewage in a local river. Or, perhaps your industrial company has made it a policy to violate the Clean Air Act.

Race discrimination alleged by former state employee

Race relations in America today are frayed. Many people feel that they are not being treated appropriately and that the reasons for such treatment might be based on race and race alone. It is an unfortunate reality that our country is not yet at a point where we can put the wrongs of past racial injustices behind us. When discrimination is based on race, there needs to be an answer.

What is the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Most of our readers in Minnesota know that the Americans with Disability Act is a federal law that protects workers from being subjected to discrimination it the workplace based on a physical or mental disability. But, despite the fact that this law was enacted 27 years ago, many disabled workers in Minnesota still face disability discrimination. If that is the case, what is the purpose of the ADA?

Uber supervisor committed sexual harassment, ex-employee claims

The ride-sharing company Uber is a rising star in the transportation industry, providing people in Minneapolis and cities across the nation with an alternative to traditional buses, light rails and taxi-cabs. However, the company is in hot legal water lately after a former engineer for the business claims that she experienced sexual harassment while working for Uber.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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