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Sexual harassment investigation following a claim by an employee

When employees in Minnesota and elsewhere believe that they are victims of sexual harassment, it is often difficult to speak up or file a report or claim. It is often an uncomfortable situation, and many employees might not fully understand what it means to file an action against a harasser. Because of that, it is important be become familiar with the process and what a sexual harassment investigation entails.

Protecting your rights and holding harassers accountable

The workplace today is filled with much diversity. This is especially true with regards to a mix of men and women working together at all positions in the work environment. And while diversity today is considered very positive, it could result in very uncomfortable situations or even harassment. Because of this, our law firm focuses on advocating on behalf of employees, ensuring that his or her rights are protected.

Did retaliation take place after whistleblowing?

"Blowing the whistle" on an employer is not easy for employees in Minnesota. However, it is considered an important step for employees to take in certain circumstances. This is especially true in situations involving major violations of state and federal laws. If an employee suspects that an employer is violating a law, reporting this violation is considered a protected activity. This means that an employer is not able to take action against the employee for taking necessary steps to report the employer. Despite this, when an employer is aware of the employee who blew the whistle on them, the employer might retaliate against that employee.

Addressing disability discrimination in the workplace

Although discussing disabilities in the work environment is not easy, employees and employers in Minnesota and elsewhere should understand how disabilities could impact employees. This means not only understanding how a disability could directly limit an employee, but also understanding how certain situations could cause the employee to endure employment discrimination.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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