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Expectant moms experiencing employment discrimination

The fact that a woman has children, is pregnant or is planning on having a family in the future could hold them back in the workforce. This treatment is not only unfair but is considered employment discrimination. This could also create a hostile work environment, especially if the woman is experiencing wage discrimination or not receiving a well-deserved promotion.

Gender discrimination still prominent in the workplace

When a person enters a new career field or starts a new job, they are often nervous and excited about this new journey. There are numerous things that new employees in Minnesota and across the nation will consider when taking on a new job. One thing that is not often thought about is discrimination. Women entering the workforce might believe that after decades of gaining a stronger and more equal appearance in the work world, they would not have to endure discrimination or harassment based on their gender or any other attribute. Nonetheless, some women still experience this uncomfortable, emotional and often life altering experience.

Rise in Native American employment discrimination

A person is often considered lucky when they land a job that has been their dream or long-term career goal. Even in a dream job, unfair practices could turn even a great job into a disastrous situation. Minnesota workers, dealing with employment discrimination in the workplace, could also mean dealing with a hostile and uncomfortable work experience. Furthermore, co-workers and employers who display or partake in discrimination in the workplace could suffer huge consequences for targeting an employee and discriminating against them for reasons, such as their race, gender, age, sexual orientation or other identifying characteristic.

3M workers seek class certification for age discrimination case

Finding a career that is long-term and enjoyable is very desirable for Minnesota residents. This is not an easy goal to accomplish, however, so when someone locates such an occupation they usually hope to maintain the job until they decide to retire. This is not often the case and is especially difficult for older employees who are currently trying to keep their jobs. With new technology and younger workers being hired at a lower salary, older workers often experience age discrimination. Some feel discriminated against based on their age, and are forced into retirement in order to open up more spots for the younger generations. When this occurs, it could be a violation of civil rights and could result in a civil lawsuit against the employer.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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