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June 2019 Archives

Muslim employees claim religious discrimination during walkout

For Minnesotans with specific religious requirements regarding prayer and other important aspects of their religion, it is important that their employer understand their needs and be reasonable in allowing them the freedom to adhere to their beliefs. Failure to do so could result in allegations of religious discrimination. Employee rights is a key part of the law and workers who are confronted with any kind of mistreatment or discrimination must make sure they understand how to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Veterans service officer accused of committing sexual harassment

Not all work places in Minnesota offer a work environment free from harassment. Despite warnings and training against sexual harassment, situations of this nature still occur in both private and public workplaces. Sometimes, the alleged perpetrator of the harassment is a person who uses their position of power to commit such acts. However, sexual harassment is against the law.

Minnesota workers are entitled to whistleblower protections

Most employers in Minnesota do their work honestly and within the confines of the law. However, what if you find that your employer has engaged in illegal activity such as wage and hour violations, misclassifications of contractors and employees, falsifying documents or committing fraud? You may feel that the right thing to do is to report these acts to the appropriate authorities; however, you may fear you will be fired for doing so.

What are my employee rights regarding overtime in Minnesota?

Many Minnesota workers are deprived of their employee rights for all the wages they have earned under the law because they are unaware of what the law specifically says or they are worried about facing negative consequences if they request what they are owed. Every worker who is eligible for certain payments as part of their wages should receive them. That includes unpaid overtime.

Worker suffers employment loss due to pregnancy

A baby is a huge addition to any family, regardless of whether the parents have other children or if they have been waiting to grow their brood in size. When Minnesota residents find out that they are expecting, they may worry that their conditions will impact how they are treated at work. Pregnancy should not affect how a woman is treated with regard to her employment, but an American woman recently suffered a massive employment set-back when she revealed to her employer that she was expecting.

What is a wrongful termination?

Losing one's job can be a difficult event in the life of a Minnesota resident. It may impose financial and emotional difficulties upon a person who needed their job to provide for their loved ones. While there are many legitimate reasons that individuals may be let go from their employment positions, it is important that readers understand that not all terminations are justified.

When should I file a wage claim after leaving a job in Minnesota?

Minnesotans who have left a job in any way - whether they were dismissed or left of their own accord - should know when they are being deprived of their rights to receive wages and employee benefits to which they are entitled. Regardless of the circumstances of the departure, workers have the right to get what they are owed. If an employer fails to provide those wages and benefits, the former worker can consider a wage claim. Understanding employee rights under state law is a key part of a case.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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