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October 2019 Archives

Study shows problematic amount of U.S. workplace discrimination

Employment discrimination and workplace discrimination are an ongoing problem in Minnesota and throughout the United States. While in the public eye, harassment has taken a more prominent role with steps being taken to reduce its frequency, people are still confronted with the challenge of discrimination for a variety of reasons. Paying attention to statistics regarding these issues can be important to understand its scope.

What are the special rights federal employees enjoy?

A previous post on this blog talked about how public employees may have additional employment rights above and beyond what employees in the private sector enjoy. That post may have left many in the Twin Cities wondering what exactly those additional rights are.

We protect the employee rights of public servants

Many people in and around Minneapolis work for the government. Some people in the Twin Cities work for one of the many local governments in the area or for the State of Minnesota, while others work for the federal government. Educators, law enforcement officials, and firefighters are all examples of workers who often fall under the public employment umbrella.

LGBTQ employee rights cases and how they will affect Minnesota

Here and across the U.S., employee rights and employment discrimination is garnering significant attention as a growing number are seeking to ensure they are treated fairly. Getting a job and keeping a job should be based on ability and capacity to complete the necessary tasks. Workers cannot be penalized regardless of their gender, age, national origin, race, sexual orientation, disability and more. Employment laws protect workers and prospective employees. Still, it is important to keep track of certain cases that can affect people who fall into certain categories. For those who are LGBTQ, pending Supreme Court cases are bringing forth speculation as to how they will affect Minnesota workplaces.

Claim of digital age discrimination breaking new ground

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, has joined other federal agencies in investigating several high profile companies that advertise on Facebook. The allegation against these companies is that they used online recruiting ads that were intentionally shown only to men and to people under the age of 40.

The tort of wrongful discharge in Minnesota

While this blog has discussed it on previous occasions, it may be helpful to review the basics of Minnesota's wrongful discharge claim, which is available to employees under the common law of Minnesota. Sometimes, Minneapolis residents might get confused about the difference between wrongful discharge and other legal claims based on an illegal or discriminatory firing.

Concern over how new overtime claim rules impacts workers

One of the biggest issues over which Minnesota workers embark on a dispute with their employer is due to an overtime claim. Since unpaid overtime can violate employee rights, it is imperative to understand the law and when it is possible to lodge a claim to receive what is owed.

New overtime rules may benefit Minnesota workers

After years of delay, the United States Department of Labor has revised federal overtime rules. These rules mean that 1.3 million salaried employees across the country, including in many in Minnesota, will either see a reduction in the number of hours they are expected to work, an increase in their base pay, or more overtime.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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