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March 2014 Archives

University of Minnesota golf coach wins discrimination claim

Minnesota residents who are currently employed or are seeking employment understand that it is important to not only have an enjoyable career, but also to work in a comfortable environment. A simple act that could easily lead to an employment discrimination situation occurs when an employee believes that he or she is being mistreated due to a characteristic trait. This is often evidenced by a hostile work environment or wrongful termination. Such an incident could eventually lead to the employee filing a claim for the damages suffered as a result.

Five officers in Richfield file age discrimination suit

For many Minnesotans, finding a long-term career is not only ideal but it is quite an accomplishment. When an employee remains with the same employer throughout a career, it is often celebrated because they did not have to deal with layoffs or multiple career changes. Although it can be a positive experience, some older employees do not always reap the benefits of being an older employee. Some older employees may experience employment discrimination due to their age and may not be afforded the opportunity to obtain a promotion. This often leads to hostile work environment or even wrongful termination.

Senate seeks to pass legislation to protect LGBT employees

When a resident in Minnesota accepts a job, they are often prepared for rules and regulations at their workplace that are set in place to ensure a safe, positive and productive work environment. Although employers should want all employees to feel comfortable at their job, workplace discrimination is still a serious issue that affects many of our nation's workers. Furthermore, employment discrimination seriously hinders the ability of some qualified individuals to obtain a position with an employer. This can happen in many contexts, including when employment decisions are made based on a person's sexual orientation.

Minnesota employee sues for disability discrimination

Equality in the work environment is often a clear and obvious expectation for workers beginning their employment. Although it is expected, it does not mean that it is appropriately established and carried out by employers. Employment discrimination is often based on characteristic traits and could lead to a hostile work environment regardless of whether an employee decides to put up with the situation or speaks out about it.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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