Dealing with age discrimination in the hiring process

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Getting a job or making a career change is often a very exciting and momentous experience for workers in Minnesota. This is especially true if a person has been in the workforce for several years or even decades working towards a position or career. But age discrimination is a real problem in the work world, and those suffering from such an experience might suffer damages to their careers and livelihoods.

A recent report indicated that social networking and professional sites such as LinkedIn could pose some discrimination issues. Specifically, an online profile could affect an employer’s consideration of a well-qualified person if that candidate’s older age is evident. Hiring an older employee could mean that retirement is around the corner and the employer might have to re-hire again. In addition, some employers discriminate against the older generation because they might not be perceived as equally well-equipped to handle the technology in today’s work world.

This type of age discrimination can often be challenging to prove. So long as the hiring party employs a qualified employee, it will be challenging to prove that an older candidate was rejected due to age and was just as qualified for the position.

Employers are required by law to avoid age discrimination in hiring, but in modern times, it is evident that discrimination in the workplace or hiring process is a major issue. This could lead to severe damages for those qualified but not hired. Furthermore, employees could suffer a hostile work environment or even wrongful termination due to their age.

No matter the circumstances, it is important to understand their situation and possible courses of action. A legal cause of action could be available to those who believe they are victims of age discrimination.

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