Minnesota seeks to pass bill to prevent age discrimination

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Age Discrimination |

The one thing that people cannot escape is the fact that they are aging. Employees in Minnesota understand that age sometimes plays a role in a person’s capabilities. The one thing that age should not do, however, is prevent an individual from obtaining a job or maintaining a position with his or her employer. Age discrimination could lead to a hostile work environment and could result in a more serious action, such as a civil suit against an employer. Employment discrimination can seriously affect the individual involved, as well as the entire work environment.

Congress has been urged to take action for the aging population and the director of AARP in Minnesota stated that this includes passing the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act. The bill would create equality among employees and protect the older workers from discrimination. Those who currently feel they are facing discrimination will have resources available to them. This will often depend on the situation and the age of the employee.

The members of the Minnesota congressional delegation also addressed a Supreme Court decision that, unfortunately, makes it much more difficult to prove claims of discrimination or illegal bias based on their age. Other flaws that they seek to fix are those currently embedded in Medicare reimbursements to doctors and other healthcare providers.

Ensuring that the aging population is safe from discrimination based on age is crucial. Currently, it is very common for employees to work past the retirement age and if they decide to do so, they should understand their rights. No matter the age of an employee, if a worker believes that he or she is being discriminated against due to age, he or she might have a claim.

A cause of action can provide an employee with compensation for the damages and injuries resulting from the discrimination that he or she suffered. Establishing the damages is important and a legal professional can assist the individual. Furthermore, with legal help, the individual will better understand the process, what steps are required and how it will affect him or her in the future.

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