Increase in work visas blamed for wrongful terminations

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Employment Discrimination |

An employee in Minnesota often seeks to keep their job until they retire, change career paths or pursue further education. A worker does not expect to be terminated without a good reason. If a situation such as workplace discrimination occurs, workers are not often aware of their options in the situation let alone that they may be in an employment discrimination circumstance.

As foreign work visas continue to increase and expand, so do the number of jobs now being held by immigrant workers. These newly-arriving, skilled and unskilled temporary workers have recently caused much concern for those who have been laid-off, particularly in the tech sector. Some employees have been claiming that they lost their jobs to a foreign worker because their employers are able to pay them less for the same position.

Some of these workers have claimed wrongful termination because they were not provided the opportunity to maintain their position for lesser pay. Since several companies have been claiming a lack or shortage of talent and skilled workers, Congress has allowed for an increase of temporary work visas to be issued for some positions.

Employees across the U.S. have claimed to have experienced hardships due to this increase in foreign workers. Some have lost their jobs while others suffer due to the heightened competition for these positions. Those suffering due to situations of employment discrimination should understand what steps they can take to seek legal remedies for the damages they may have suffered.

Reporting the incident and conducting an independent investigation of the situation can help the employee pursue a cause of action for a wrongful termination. This can, in turn, help them recover compensation for the damages they experienced, such as lost wages and related damages.

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