EEOC files nationwide suit against FedEx for discrimination

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For those in Minnesota suffering from a disability, most do not allow their disability to prevent them from doing certain things, such as tasks at a job. Furthermore, it is their right that their disability not be used against them in the hiring or firing process at a place of employment. When employment discrimination occurs because of an individual’s disability, they might have a cause of action for the damages suffered by this event.

It was recently reported that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a nationwide lawsuit against FedEx for disability discrimination. It was reported that the suit was based on claims of discrimination against a large class of package handlers and job applicants that are hard-of-hearing or deaf.

The claim suggests that FedEx failed to provide the necessary accommodations for the class of employees or applicants, such as American Sign Language interpretation and closed-captioned training videos. These accommodations were not provided during staff, performance and safety meetings.

In addition to failing to provide necessary accommodations for these employees, FedEx failed to provide the necessary equipment substitutions and modifications needed for deaf and hard-of-hearing handlers. Example of this are a scanner that would vibrate instead of beeping and installation of flashing safety lights on moving equipment in the workplace.

This current lawsuit arose when 19 different charges were filed throughout the country in various states, including Minnesota. These clams were consolidated, and the current nationwide lawsuit resulted.

When an employee or an applicant believes they are a victim of workplace discrimination, they have options available such as civil actions to recover damages for the losses they experienced. This could also include punitive damages to punish an employer for civil rights violations.

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