Verdict of a Minnesota whistleblower claim upheld

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Whistleblower Protection |

Losing a job is very concerning for any employee in Minnesota. This is especially detrimental for those that lose their job in retaliation for their speaking out about illegal practices in the workplace. In these matters, employees should understand that they may have rights under whistleblower protection. Whistleblower rights provide employees with the opportunity to file a cause of action for the damages they suffered for speaking out about illegal practices by their employer.

The Minnesota appellate court recently upheld a jury’s verdict in a whistleblower case. The verdict ordered a local for-profit college to pay $395,000 in compensatory damages to a former department head. According to reports, the employee sued the school after she was terminated in retaliation for raising concerns about certain practices of the school.

The former employee claimed that the school provided prospective students with inaccurate information regarding the transferability of credits. Moreover, she claimed that the inflated the job placement numbers of graduates from the school.

When an employee notes illegal practices in the work environment, they should be aware that they have the right to report these events. Moreover, they have the right to report them without the fear of retaliation or losing their job. If retaliation or termination does occur, they could exercise their whistleblower rights and file a cause of action against their former employer, allowing them, if their case is successful, to recover compensation for the damages caused by the incident.

Those dealing with similar situations should understand that they have rights. It is important that they speak with the appropriate people and seek guidance about their legal remedies.

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