Former Hertz employees in Minneapolis file discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | Employment Discrimination |

Employees in the United States are afforded many rights in the workplace. When an employee is unlawfully terminated or endures workplace discrimination, they have options to find a legal remedy. Employees who are mistreated in the work environment or witness illegal actions in the workplace are afforded the right to take action, which could include filing an employment discrimination claim regarding the situation and seeking damages for the harm they incurred. One such legal claim was made in Minnesota, and others should take note.

A class action lawsuit was recently filed by six former employees of the Hertz rental car company at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The suit claims the company discriminated against its employees based on race, ethnicity and religion.

According to reports, the former employees involved in the employment discrimination suit are East African Muslims. The employees claim that they were harassed and mistreated regularly for praying in the workplace. Furthermore, they assert that they were mocked, disrespected and disciplined more severely than their coworkers. The employees were terminated after they refused to sign a prayer policy.

When an employee is being mistreated or discriminated against for characteristics such as race or religion, they might have cause for an employment discrimination claim. This could hold an employer accountable for civil rights violations and punish them so that others do not have to face a similar situation. A former employee could also recover compensation for losses and damages incurred.

If an employee believes that he or she is a victim of workplace discrimination, it is important they understand their rights and take action accordingly. Sometimes speaking with a legal professional is the best first step, so that victims can better assess their situation and find a legal avenue that is most fitting for them.

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