Athletic director of UMN accused of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

As previous posts discussed, sexual harassment in the workplace can be a very uncomfortable situation for employees, and it is often a difficult incident to discuss or report. However, these are incidents that should be reported and addressed. When employees believe that they are a victim of sexual harassment in the work environment, it is important that the employees understand that they have options and recourses available to them.

According to recent reports, the athletic director of the University of Minnesota’s athletic department, Norwood Teague, resigned from his position in August following a sexual harassment claim. These claims occurred a few weeks before his departure, and two high-level university administrators who claimed Teague sexually harassed them at a senior leadership retreat filed them.

Teague’s deputy director, Mike Ellis, recently stepped down and was placed on leave following complaints of sexual misconduct. The details of their actions or inappropriate behavior were not immediately available. However, investigations are ongoing. In addition, the department’s culture, hiring practices and handling of sexual harassment allegations are being looked at.

As this story highlights, reporting sexual harassment will result in the investigation of the allegations. If it is determined that the claims are accurate, action could be taken against the harasser to remedy the situation for the victims of sexual harassment. Additionally, if the incident has resulted in damages, victims could recover those as well. In these matters, it is important to fully understand what options are available, as it is often difficult for employees to navigate these types of actions due to the sensitivity of the situation.

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