Employee rights violations alleged in lawsuit against school

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Employment Discrimination |

While many workplaces in Minnesota are pleasant with the employers adhering to the law when it comes to employee rights and other issues, there will inevitably be times when there are violations. These can run the gamut from employment discrimination to harassment and anywhere in between. It can also occur for a variety of different reasons. Those who believe they have been confronted with any of these issues must be fully aware of their rights and consider a legal filing if they have been violated.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer – a public school – because of alleged retaliation and discrimination. Working as a social worker in the school, the woman alleges that a special education director made various comments during meetings that were offensive. They were allegedly sexual in nature with some being directed at her. In addition to these allegations, the woman also states that the director made crude and sexual comments about the superintendent and threatened those present to maintain confidentiality about the meetings.

The woman says that she faced discrimination and retaliation, with other staff members told to stay away from her and having her authority to speak to parents and clients rescinded. The woman says that she became anxious and depressed, leaving her unable to work. She sought disability and asked to have medical leave once her sick days ran out. The director said that the woman either had to quit the job or she would be dismissed. The school repeatedly denied the allegations of harassment and said that the woman retired and would receive her retirement benefits. She resigned in July 2015 and is moving forward with her lawsuit.

Workers have the right to protest when they are subjected to behaviors that are illegal and offensive at their place of employment. If they do lodge a complaint and are ignored, threatened or dismissed, they also have the right to seek compensation through a legal filing. In this case, the woman who filed the claim exhausted every avenue to try and receive justice for the wrongs she claims were done to her. With nowhere else to turn, she has filed a lawsuit. Those who are experiencing similar issues on the job can also do as she did and move forward with a legal filing after discussing the matter with an experienced legal professional.

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