Proposed Minneapolis ordinance addresses sick time

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Employee Rights |

It is miserable to be sick, but it is even more miserable to be sick at work. When this happens, having sick time can be incredibly beneficial to workers in Minnesota. When you are sick, not only do you need time to stay at home and rest while your body heals, but by staying home you are keeping germs outside the workplace, preventing your colleagues from getting sick as well. In fact, the Minneapolis City Council has introduced an ordinance that would give workers in the city paid sick time.


The ordinance would be applicable to employers in the city who have six or more workers. Per the ordinance, for every 30 hours an employee works, he or she will accumulate one hour of sick time. The ordinance will be discussed at a public hearing on May 18. Following that, on May 27, the Minneapolis City Council will vote on the ordinance.

The ordinance is seeing support from small and large businesses, restaurants, nonprofits, the community and employees. It is believed that the ordinance will help make Minneapolis a healthier place to live and work. It is also hoped that the ordinance will especially benefit people of color and women who may currently not have sick time.

Minneapolis workers deserve to have healthy workplaces, and this means allowing workers to stay home when they are sick. Paid sick leave is important, as some workers may avoid taking time off of work, even if they are sick, if they will not be paid. This ordinance would enhance employee rights and may be one step forward in making it easier for workers to take sick leave, which also promotes a healthy work environment for others.

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