Taking action against sexual harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Sexual Harassment |

Minnesota workplaces are becoming more diverse these days than ever before. Long gone are the days where only men could be supervisors and only women could be administrative assistants. In addition, these days people of different sexual orientations work together side by side. However, this diversity doesn’t mean that workers aren’t subject to sexual harassment. In fact, it is just the opposite. Sexual harassment is still a serious issue in Minnesota workplaces.

What types of acts can constitute workplace sexual harassment? You may initially think of inappropriate physical touching, sexual advances or requesting sexual favors when you think of sexual harassment. However, the problem is much deeper than that. Inappropriate attention based on gender or sexual orientation can be considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can also include being exposed to lewd comments or sexual innuendos, being shown pornography or even physically threatening a person based on their gender.

It is also not true that only women can be sexually harassed by men. Men can sexually harass women, women can sexually harass men, men can sexually harass men and women can sexually harass women. In addition, if your employer knew the sexual harassment was occurring and did nothing about it, you may have a sexual harassment claim not just against the one who harassed you, but against your employer as well.

In the end, sexual harassment can be devastating for an individual. It can create a hostile working environment and can even force a person to leave his or her job. Fortunately, professionals such as those at the law office of John A. Klassen, PA, may be able to help victims of sexual harassment hold the right parties responsible. Their webpage on sexual harassment provides more information on the laws that protect victims of sexual harassment.