Uber supervisor committed sexual harassment, ex-employee claims

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

The ride-sharing company Uber is a rising star in the transportation industry, providing people in Minneapolis and cities across the nation with an alternative to traditional buses, light rails and taxi-cabs. However, the company is in hot legal water lately after a former engineer for the business claims that she experienced sexual harassment while working for Uber.

According to the woman, her direct supervisor sexually harassed her. She claimed that her supervisor, through chat messages, tried to convince her to have sexual intercourse with him. She took screen shots of the chats and notified Uber’s human resources department about the incidents. However, upper management told her that her direct supervisor was an outstanding employee based on his performance reviews, and, therefore, they would not reprimand him for what they called an “innocent mistake.” She ultimately ended up quitting her job this past December.

The woman wrote a scathing account of her experience at Uber on her personal blog. According to Uber’s chief executive, he was unaware of the situation until the woman posted the incident on her blog. He has since ordered Uber’s chief of human resources to investigate the woman’s claims. He has stated that there is “no place” for such behavior at the company and that those who do behave that way will be let go from their jobs.

This woman’s claims are undoubtedly serious. While an internal investigation is being performed, that doesn’t change the fact that she felt forced to leave the company due to the reported sexual harassment. Those in similar situations may want to seek the advice of an employment law attorney, to determine what steps should be taken to rectify the situation. This could also help an employee recover compensation for any damages and losses suffered.

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