All employees in Minneapolis have rights — know yours

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Employee Rights |

When most people in the Minneapolis area think of employee rights, they probably think of legal cases involving claims of sexual harassment or discrimination. This is understandable. Cases across the nation that involve these types of allegations can be high-profile, putting employers on the spot to explain the illegal discrimination that is occurring in the workplace. But, employees have many other rights as well. And they should know what they are.

For instance, many employees are allowed to take unpaid leave under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. Leave under this Act is intended to allow employees to take care of the medical needs of family members, or themselves, and then be able to return to their position of employment. However, some employers abuse employee rights under this law, failing to restore employees to their former positions or, in some cases, outright terminating them for exercising their rights under the law.

Or, some employees face retaliation for engaging in “whistleblowing,” which is the act of informing law enforcement officials or other authorities of illegal conduct on the part of the employer. Employees in Minnesota and throughout the country have legal protection under the applicable whistleblower laws.

At our law firm, we do our best to make sure that our clients understand their rights and how to exercise them. Employees who are experiencing discrimination of any kind, or who have been harassed or terminated due to taking lawful leave, may have a legal claim to pursue. For more information about how attorneys can address issues regarding employee rights, please visit our website.