Discrimination based on gender and political views?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Employment Discrimination |

Anyone who even glimpses at a news channel these days will likely see a story about police officers, race relations and political views. It seems that these topics are inexhaustible sources of controversy. So, when some of these areas get mixed together, it can sometimes result in legal action.

According to a recent report, a female police officer with the Rochester Police Department has settled a lawsuit she filed after she was placed on administrative leave for posting her thoughts on politics and race on Facebook. The officer, who was a lieutenant with the police department, alleged that she had received unfair treatment. The resulting settlement was for a total of $1 million, of which $600,000 went to the female officer and the rest went toward her legal fees.

When it comes to discrimination in the workplace, many people tend to think that it occurs under just one specific category: race, religion, gender, etc. But, the reality is that employees who face discrimination can be discriminated against for a variety of reasons at the same time, making the transgression all the worse.

In settling the complaint that was filed by the female officer in this case, the police department did not admit to any wrongdoing. According to the recent article, representatives of the police department stated that they decided to settle the case in order to close the matter quickly, which they believed was in the best interests of all parties involved, and for the taxpayers and residents of Rochester.

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