Pursuing a wage claim in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Employee Rights |

Many people take for granted that when they leave a job they will receive their final wages in the right amount, and on time. However, not all employers follow the law in respect to paying. When employers violate these laws, employee rights are at stake.

So, what are the employer obligations when it comes to paying out final wages? Well, if an employee is discharged by the employer – “fired” – the employee is entitled to receive any final wages that are due within 24 hours of demanding the pay. If an employee leaves the position of employment voluntarily, then the employer is legally obligated to pay the employee the final wages that are due on the next scheduled payday. However, the payday cannot be more than 20 days after the person’s last day of employment.

Unfortunately, not all employers will follow the law in Minnesota when it comes to final wages. When employees don’t receive their final wages as required, the employee may need to pursue a wage claim. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, along with competent legal representation, can help an employee in Minnesota recover final wages that are owed.

Employees have options for pursuing wage claims. For starters, they can attempt to contact their former employer directly to resolve the issue of final wages. However, if that does not work, the employee may need to file a wage claim with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. From there, legal action in civil court may become an option.