Employment discrimination cases against Fox News reach settlement

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Employment Discrimination |

Our readers may have seen previous posts here that mentioned several discrimination lawsuits filed against mega-news network Fox News. The claims against Fox News that made the most headlines were for sexual harassment, but there were other claims as well, based on gender and race discrimination. Now, a recent report detailed how Fox News has settled a number of these claims for $10 million.

According to the recent report, the settlement payment will address claims by 18 former Fox News employees. In addition to the claims about race and gender discrimination, the claims also alleged that Fox News engaged in retaliatory behavior based on these claims. The reports note that mediation played a key role in the sides’ attempts to reach a settlement for the lawsuits.

Some of the most high-profile lawsuits to be addressed in this settlement included the allegations made by a former employee, who is African-American, who claimed that he was not afforded the same opportunities within Fox News because of his race. Another lawsuit alleged claims that certain Fox News employees did nothing to stop one employee’s continued racist statements and language in the workplace.

Although these lawsuits against Fox News represent some fairly high-profile claims by employees against an employer, the fact is that race and gender discrimination, as well as sexual harassment, can occur in workplaces big and small. In Minnesota and throughout the country, some employees face a hostile environment in their workplaces due to discriminatory behavior by their employers on a daily basis. When employers engage in this type of conduct, they need to be held accountable.