Quid pro quo harassment at work

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

A Minneapolis resident may go to the store with the expectation that they will have to pay for whatever goods they choose to purchase. Additionally, if they choose to enter into a contract with another party they may rightly expect that they will have to perform some form of work in order to be benefitted by the other party to the agreement. In life it is pretty common that a person will not get something for nothing, but there is one context where prepositioning actions based on others’ acquiescence may be prohibited under the law.

It is illegal for employers to require their employees to submit to sexual advances in order to secure promotions and other work benefits. This form of sexual harassment is known as quid pro quo harassment and it is unfortunately prevalent in the American workplaces. It can take on many forms and be perpetuated by both male and female employers.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment places employees in difficult situations. They may wish to advance in their careers and may worry that if they do not put up with their employers’ sexual advances that they will miss out on moving forward at work. They may fear that they will lose their jobs if they do not submit and may feel forced into accepting harassment in order to keep their jobs.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is wrong. It has no place in American employment settings and individuals should not have to put up with it when they are trying to do their jobs. More information about quid pro quo harassment, as well as other forms of sexual harassment, should be sought from knowledgeable employment law attorneys.