Coping with discrimination should not be a job requirement

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Employment Discrimination |

Not everyone that a Minnesota resident works with will be their favorite person. Sometimes individuals may dislike their co-workers’ personalities, idiosyncrasies or even their beliefs. However, even when individuals are different in their approaches to life, it is possible for them to find a respectful balance that allows them to co-exist in their jobs.

Working well with different people can be tough, though, when co-workers, contractors or supervisors are downright inappropriate. While it may seem like there is a fine line between rude conduct and discriminatory practices, too many Minneapolis residents cope with illegal harassment in their places of employment. Harassment and discrimination can be based on a number of different personal characteristics, including but not limited to age, race, gender, religion and disability.

Having to deal with difficult people while at work may be required of an individual, but putting up with discrimination or harassment is never required of someone to keep their job. State and federal laws protect men and women from illegal treatment and protect their rights to work without the fear that discrimination may cause them to experience a negative work action. When discrimination does affect a worker’s rights, legal action may be required.

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